Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hello Britannia Neighbours - Here's a quick report on our short meeting on January 17th and notification of the February meeting, to take place at the Info Centre February 21st, 8:00 p.m.
Would someone please reserve the boardroom? I will not be able to attend.
Here's a summary of our January 17th meeting:
Murals: Victoria Ojinski will be painting mural panels to fit in the windows of Sweet Cherubim. Pat drafted a letter to Rajinder at SC outlining the project and Pat and Penny visited him the day after the meeting and delivered the letter. He's very enthusiastic and wants a panel in every window.
Benches: Michael Rose had proposed that he purchase the carved benches from Britannia Neighbours, but he has decided not to, so they are still ours.
Gift Certificates from the Greenways Garden Party at Van Dusen: We got three and we will go and "spend" them in March-April. We are thinking of getting a ginkgo tree for the west/sunny end of the Greenway.
Salsbury: Britannia Neighbours will work in partnership with the Salsbury Garden group to put on some sort of event to celebrate the garden in the early spring. More to come on this (but Ian Marcuse of the Friends of Salsbury Garden group was there and we had a good chat about what's happening with the Garden these days, about how the developer evicted the tenants of the two houses at the beginning of December on the pretext of renovating the houses and is doing no renovating ... and the developer is suing the City/Board of Variance at BC Supreme Court for its decision).
I'm away for the month of February.
See you in March!!
Cheers, Penny

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just to let you know that there will be a relatively quick Britannia Neighbours Meeting, Tues Jan 17, 8:00 p.m., in the Info Centre Boardroom.
One hour only, since we could reserve the room only until 9:00.

On the agenda:
* Making our plans for what we'd like to accomplish in 2006
* Victoria's panels for Sweet Cherubim
* The clock tower
* Michael Rose and the benches situation
* Signage and litter in the Greenway
* The 2006 Garden Tour
* Update on Salsbury Garden and what we'd like our involvement to be ...

Hope you can make it!

Friday, January 06, 2006

This message is from Ann Daskal.

Dear Britannia Neighbours,
I am sending this request by a research group to have BN participate as one of a series of focus groups they are running at the request of the Grandview Woodlands Drug and Alcohol Coalition. (This came about as I mentioned BN to a coaliation member I happened to sit next to on a long bus trip !) It seems like a good chance to have input into plans that affect us and our community as a whole.

I am willing to meet with Mario and am wondering if anyone else is, too. The information sheet about the project plan and goals is attached. If anyone is interested I can be emailed (rocknrose@telus.net) or phoned (604-255-1595). I think we determine the date and time, as long as Mario is available. So you might want to let me know what are generally best and worst times and I will get back to you with some options. I think we have until mid-February.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mario Berti [mailto:mberti@alumni.sfu.ca]
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 5:03 PM
To: Daskal, Ann [VC]
Subject: GrandviewWoodlands Drug and Alcohol issues and solutions focus

Hello. Ms. Daskal,

I am working with the Strathcona Research Group, who has been asked by
the Grandview Woodlands Drug and Alcohol (GWDA) Coalition to engage in a
community research process that will provide the data for a neighbourhood
plan identifying drug and alcohol issues and solutions in the Grandview-Woodlands area.

As part of this research, we are conducting focus groups with various people
in the neighborhood, and I am contacting you about the possibility of
arranging such a session with the Brittania Neighbors in Action group.
I have attached a information sheet that will tell you a little more about

If it is possible to conduct a fairly informal session of perhaps 10-15
people with the Neighbors in Action group, we would be very interested
in talking to you. If you give me an idea of what your schedule is, we are
fairly flexible about times this could occur within the next month and
we can coordinate something.

My telephone number is 604.626.3225, or I can of course be reached at
this email.

Thank you,