Monday, November 26, 2018

A bit of raking... 3:00, Nov 26th

If you're up to it, stop by the Greenway at 3:00 or so with a rake … and we can move some of the leaves out of the way and clear a path.
We won't bag any leaves up … or do anything else.
Short and sweet!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Letter we sent to the new Mayor and Council

16 November 2018

To Mayor and Council:

We have recently been informed that the “Napier Square Greenway” at the corner of Napier Street and Commercial Drive in East Vancouver has been or is about to be re-named “Margaret Mitchell Plaza”. We were surprised that we weren’t consulted about this decision, considering that our group of local volunteers, Britannia Neighbours (, worked with the City in 2000 and 2001 to create the Napier Square Greenway and our group has faithfully maintained it for the last 17 years.

As well, we have come to learn that this renaming decision did not go through the normal process of consultation, but was put forward by a previous councillor at an in-camera meeting and was agreed to by a majority vote without any community consultation whatsoever. Since we understand that community consultation is a priority with you, the incoming Mayor and Councillors, we are hoping that you will revisit this particular decision.

For your consideration, here are some relevant facts about the Napier Square Greenway:

When Napier Square Greenway was installed in October 2001, our understanding with the City was that they would install the Greenway, but that it would be the responsibility of “the community” (that is, our volunteer group, Britannia Neighbours) to maintain it — in perpetuity. Consequently,

·      Our team of volunteers meets for a work party every week, pretty much year-round, to weed, prune trees and shrubs, plant, transplant, rake up acorns, fertilize, and water in the Greenway.
·      We repair occasional damage caused by our being in such a high-traffic location.
·      We raise money through our yearly East Van Garden Tour ( to pay for:
o  Garden tools, hoses, hose carts, nozzles, leaf bags, etc.;
o  A person that we hire through the Kettle Friendship Society to pick up litter in the Greenway every day;
o  A person to water the garden about twice a week during the summer months.
·      We clear the walkway of leaves, snow and ice as necessary in the fall and winter months.
·      We clean graffiti from the benches (and have even repainted them when necessary).

Napier Square Greenway has been part of the City’s Green Streets Program since it was installed. We are therefore concerned that changing its designation from “greenway” to “plaza” may make it ineligible to remain in the Green Streets Program, whose staff have long been a valuable and appreciated source of information, support, and assistance to us.

Margaret Mitchell is a worthy recipient of recognition, but we would like to suggest the new name be assigned instead to the “central gathering space” proposed in the Britannia Renewal Master Plan, and that our Napier Square Greenway be allowed to retain the name that it has always had.

Britannia Neighbours in Action(including Christine Allen, Louise Allen, Sandy Anthony, Dana Cromie, Ann Daskal, Linda Denning, Janet Harper, Paul Kjekstad, Seonaid Lamb, Anna Matthew, Eric Phillips, Penny Street, et al.)

cc: John Atkin, Chair of the Civic Asset Naming Committee
      Liz Nowatschin, Green Streets Program Coordinator
      Cynthia Low, Executive Director, Britannia Community Services Centre

Work party today (Nov 19), Greenway, 3:00

Work party in the Napier Square Greenway today. It should be nice and dry and we can rake up all the pesky leaves that have fallen since last Monday!
Hope you can join us.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Work party today, Mon Nov. 12, 3:00

Come if you can!
Bring a rake if you have one!

Monday, November 05, 2018

Work party this afternoon, 3:00

Hi folks,
There's a work party today (Nov 5) in the Napier Square Greenway, 3:00.
Unless it's raining.
Hope to see you there. Lots of oak leaves to rake!