Sunday, November 26, 2017

Work party tomorrow, Nov 27, 3:00, weather permitting...

Hi Brit Neighbours,
If it's not raining at 3:00-ish, we'll have a work party in the Greenway. I'll get more bags and bring some.
What do you think? Should this be the last work party until early spring? It's getting pretty cold and wintry out there. Friday is December!
Maybe we should have a Brit Neighbours holiday celebration sometime after Paul gets back.
Hope to see you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Work party Monday (Nov 20), 3:00, weather permitting...

Different weather websites call for different scenarios for tomorrow. If it's as vile as it was today, we won't have a work party. If nice … or at least not raining … at 3:00, we'll have a work party.
Hope to see you there!
Greenway, 3:00. Leaves!! Leaves!! Leaves!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Work party today, 3:00!

There will be a work party today in the Greenway at 3:00. We have a few things to plant that need to go into the ground. And raking! With the big winds last night, there will be many leaves on the ground.
I won't be able to make it today, myself. But I believe Eric will be there with his truck and a few plants.
It's a blustery day. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Work Party in the Greenway tomorrow, Monday Nov 6, 3:00

Hi everyone,
Hope you can make it tomorrow for a work party. We can do some raking and leaf-blowing and weeding and pruning. I'll bring bags. If you have a rake or secateurs or any other gardening tools you like to use, please bring them.
I bought two extension cords for Choices and their leaf blower and delivered them to James the other day.
Anyway, tomorrow, 3:00 until it's too cold or dark…
Happy Pacific Standard Time!