Monday, October 26, 2015

Work Party in Greenway, today! Monday! 3:00!

Hi Brit Neighbours,
We will have a work party in the Greenway today, weather permitting, at 3:00. (If it's actually raining at 3:00, let's not…)
Christine can't make it, but she'll drop off some foxgloves that we can plant, and Ann brought me a few bulbs from the Green Street's Garden Party that we can put in. And we can do a bit of raking. Anyone know if we need more leaf bags? I have a feeling we do. I might have a couple in my garage that I can contribute. And I'll buy more soon.
Hope to see you at 3:00.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Join us for a work party tomorrow (Oct 19th), 3:00

We will have a work party — maybe just an hour or so — in the Greenway, tomorrow (Oct 19th), starting at 3:00. Please join us if you're available!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Work Party Monday?

Hello friends,
I've flaked out on you for the past couple of Mondays … and now I've gotten a cold (which Steve caught from our grandson in Portland, and has had all week) so I expect I'll need to lay low for a couple of days.
I've got the key to the storage cupboard. If anyone wants to have a work party tomorrow, feel free to stop by to get it!
NEXT Monday is Thanksgiving. Paul will be back, too. Shall we convene in the Greenway next Monday at 3:00 and survey the gardens and the planters and see what needs doing and make some plans for the next little while??