Monday, September 21, 2015

No Work Party today (Monday Sept 21)

Hi folks,
A few of us are away today and I don't think there's anything extraordinary to do, so let's not have a work party today.
Enjoy one of the last couple of days of summer — perhaps even working in your own garden!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Work Party Monday, Sept 14, 3:00

Hi folks,
Thanks to Sara Orchard, the Green Streets Coordinator, a Park Board crew came out this week and hauled away all the oak branches that we, and especially Eric Phillips, had carefully removed from the south garden beds and piled up for removal! Whew. That was an ordeal. We still need to do a bit of remedial clean-up, and that will be our task tomorrow at the work party.
I won't be there, myself — I've got a meeting at 3:15 — but Paul will be there and will have the key to our storage cupboard.
If you happen to arrive before Paul, you could just start tidying up.
Cheers and sorry I won't be there.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Labour Day Work Party, Greenway, 3:00


They don't call it Labour Day for nothing! We've got a big job, finishing up what Eric has so valiantly started — Just after the big storm, the City or Hydro came to the Greenway and did a very Major pruning of the oak trees on the south side of the Greenway and just dumped all the branches they removed on top of all our plants there. It was a terrible mess. 

Since then, Eric Phillips has gone down there a few times and started a careful cleanup, lifting the branches off of the plants and piling them up on the paved area so they can be removed (probably chipped first). Tuesday, I will call the City and Hydro and see if we can get a crew out soon to clean up and take away the branches. But in the meantime, we need to get the rest of the branches off of the plants.

Please do join us if you can, 3:00, Monday, Sept 7th. Bring loppers if you have some, secateurs, good gloves.
Thankfully, we probably don't need to water this week.

Also, I just wrote a message on Facebook to the organizer of the Parade of Lost Souls for this year: Hi Kat, I'm just hoping that you won't be planning any activities for the Napier Square Greenway. At night, with a big crowd there in the dark, people can't see the plants and they trample them. We had a big problem with that last year. Anywhere but there. Please. Call me if you have any problem with that! Thanks so much.


PS - If you're interested, the September Garden Club meeting is this Thursday night, 7:00, in the Learning Resources Centre, the big room under the library at Britannia. Please join us!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The state of the Greenway today...

Hi folks,
Eric Phillips kindly took it upon himself to try to get a pile of the branches off the planted area in the Greenway today. Some of the branches are now piled on the side of the paved area, rather than right on the planted beds.
He then cut some of them up into smaller pieces and loaded up his giant green bin and wheeled it home. What a guy! Thank you, Eric!
He'll also try to join us for the work party next Monday.
Three cheers for Eric!
Have a look at the Greenway if you get a chance, and if you can, please plan to join us next Monday.