Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Notes from January 4th Meeting...

Britannia Neighbours Meeting
Jan. 4, 2014
Minutes: A synopsis by Paul

Present: Penny, Eva, Maggie, Pat, Ann D., Jo, Janet, Sandy, Ruth, Jill, Seonaid, Christine, Anne McD., Paul

Subjects discussed: 2014 Garden Tour, Finances and how to spend money, Greenway, and Planning and Development
1. 2014 Garden Tour, June 15, 10:00 - 4:00
Janet , Sandy and Jo are scouting out the gardens in the Strathcona neighbourhood.  We will issue 300 tickets at $12 each.  This is 100 tickets more than are usually issued.
Much discussion ensued.  There were suggestions of 2 start times and selling 200 tickets in the morning and then 100 in the afternoon.  Nothing was decided or voted upon.
Consensus seemed to be reached on
 - the maps with two directions works well
 - need for clear online information as well as instructions on the map about traffic calming and that volunteers and garden owners should feel free to hold people back if a garden is too crowded.  Signage at gardens could help in this regard.
 - Before the tour tickets will be available at Britannia Community Centre and at Figaro's.  They will only be available at Figaro's on the day of the garden tour.
 -We are committed to Figaro's.

 A suggestion was made if it were possible for Figaro's to open at 9:30 on the day of the tour, in order to avoid the chaos that usually ensues when the garden shop opens.  I (Paul) talked with Hartley and he was totally flexible on the subject.  I suggested that we could pay for wages for that half hour and he felt that was not necessary.

2. Finances - presented by Penny
We have $12,444.08 in 3 accounts.  Eva has agreed to take over running the finances.  Thank you very much, Eva, and thank you for all the work that you have done and continue to do in so many areas, Penny.
How to spend some of our money and do neighborly things in the community?  So many great suggestions were given such as improve snack food at the elementary school, continue to send students to the Museum of Anthropology, plant and maintain those planters by the elementary school, start an East Van garden club, help to beautify and teach people from the Kettle to maintain planters.  These were some of the many great ideas suggested.  Ann D. suggested that there was neighborhood grant money available.  Pat suggested that we we have another meeting with more details as to timelines, budgets and how to implement these ideas.  This led to another meeting being scheduled for Sunday, February 2, 1-3 P.M. at Britannia.

3. Greenway  Boulders will be placed after the berms are established, with help from the Parks Board.  We will resume gardening in March. 
See you in February!