Tuesday, December 10, 2013

People's Co-op Bookstore

Support your People's Co-op Bookstore!
Become a member!
Get some of your Christmas presents at the Co-op!
Donate your used books!
Write a book and then arrange to have your book-launch party at the Co-op!
Forward this message to your friends, especially those in East Vancouver!

Begin forwarded message:

The People's Co-op Book Store, now celebrating its 68th year, is the oldest existing independent bookstore in Vancouver. Formed in the summer of 1945 by a broad coalition of Vancouver's progressive movement, it has continued to serve readers as a membership-driven bookstore providing a wide range of reading materials in a welcoming space. It would be a shame to let an independent bookstore with such a long history die in this city.

Now, in a program of transition, it is seeking to broaden its membership and increase book stock. It is opening the bookstore to wider membership, to a circle of volunteers, and to increased use of the store's space by both literary and progressive communities for discussions, book launches, and meetings.

To this end, it has launched a campaign to establish a solid financial base through membership support, both individual memberships and sustaining organizational memberships. 
PCBS invites groups to use the bookstore for their events. It is eager to work with other co-operatives, especially in East Vancouver, to reciprocally advertise activities.

Renewing or opening a $25 annual membership in People's Co-op will not only give you the opportunity to participate in these activities, it will help to solidify the store's financial base so that it can continue to serve progressive and literary communities throughout the city. 

Please drop by the store at  1391 Commercial Drive or call 604-253-6442 to take out a membership, make a donation or a purchase.  As you know, books make great Christmas gifts. 

And please forward this notice to others.

No Britannia Neighbours work parties now until the Spring!

Hi folks,
We generally have work parties every Monday at 3:00, but there's not much to do in the Greenway these days, so let's plan to start up again in March or so ... In the meantime, have a happy holiday season and we'll have a Britannia Neighbours meeting at the community centre in mid-January. Hope you can make it. I'll let you know the date and time once it's been figured out.

Monday, December 02, 2013

No work party in the Greenway today!

Hi Brit Neighbours,
We probably don't need to have any official work parties until March or so. The plants are dormant and most of the leaves have fallen and they've been gathered up and carted away.
We might want to go down and tidy up the pruning of and the area surrounding the pine tree.
And we'll definitely have a well-publicized meeting at Britannia in January.
So... See you all then but, in the meantime, have terrific holidays, everyone!