Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thank you note from Division 4 at Britannia Elementary

Hi folks, 

We received a really lovely thank you note today from Division 4 at Britannia Elementary. I've scanned it and included it here, but it's in faint pencil, so it's a bit hard to read as a scanned image. 
But here is what it says:

 May 21, 2013 — Dear Britannia Neighbours, On behalf of Division Four, thank you for the one hundred dollars that helped pay for our trip to the Museum of Anthropology. We had a wonderful time, thanks to you and everybody else who helped us. We saw lots of things. One group saw the smallest totem pole in the world. The totem pole was the size of a toothpick! In one part of the museum there were huge totem poles. Thank you very, very, very much! Sincerely, Anika on behalf of Div. 4

The illustrations Anika drew at the bottom are of the smallest totem pole, a canoe, and a cedar rain hat.
Thank you, Anika, and we're very pleased that you and your class enjoyed the trip so much!

Penny for Britannia Neighbours


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