Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Making our own compost in the Greenway...

Hi Brit Neighbours,
I phoned Sara Orchard (City's Green Streets Coordinator) to see if we could get regular Monday pick-ups of our Sunday work party garden debris, and she says there has been a budget cut in the City's refuse-collection department and she doesn't think we can rely on regular pick-ups. We could call and request pick-ups on the occasion of a big clean-up... but that won't help us with our one or two bags every Sunday.
I said we might be able to manage a City composting bin or two tucked away in a corner of the Greenway. She's sending us two coupons so we can get composting bins from the City works yard... I'll try to persuade Stef to go with me to get them in his station wagon.
We can experiment with the bins for a while and see if they work for us... If not, we'll call Sara back and see if we can figure something out for our Sunday garden waste. (One other possibility is the Drive Organics bin on their back porch, but let's try our own first and see if we can make it work. It'll need signage, I think, to make it work in such a public area. Something like: "Organic waste only; no meat or litter!")


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