Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hi folks,
I fetched some more cocoons from Hartley and put the clean loaded bee condo up in the Greenway yesterday, just in time for today's sunny first day of spring! I hope we get more of our own Greenway cocoons this year! More nothing! I hope we get ANY Greenway cocoons this year; we got NONE last year. I have a little mini-condo in my back yard and got 15 cocoons from it. Anyway, I split Hartley's and my cocoons between the two condos and we should have some lively bee action in the Greenway soon. I hope the pruning of the oaks in the Greenway doesn't disrupt/disturb the bees too much this week (Mon or Tues).
When I was installing the condo, standing on my little aluminum ladder, the whole wood box condo thing fell off the nail and smashed me in the face, so I've got red blotches on my forehead and nose and a bit of a fat lip, but I'm fine.
Bzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzz.

PS - Pat and I met in the Greenway on Wednesday to see how the City crew had done with the pruning of the oaks, and we actually SAW mason bees working on the crocuses!


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