Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hi David [Yurkovich],
I'm writing on behalf of Britannia Neighbours. We maintain the Greenway at Napier Street, the main entry to Britannia Centre. The Napier Greenway is one of five sites in the city that was recently selected to have a temporary water station installed for the hot/dry summer months. One of the reasons the Greenway was chosen was because Grandview Park, a more obvious choice, will be closed for renovations.
The Drinking Water Station that has been installed in the Greenway is not very attractive. It's kind of jerryrigged with duct tape and is squeezed between a bench and the bike rack. We definitely agree that it's laudable to provide water for people ... and so we are okay with having it in the Napier Greenway temporarily.
But we would like to make an emphatic recommendation that, as a part of the renovation of Grandview Park, you include as part of the building that will house the new restrooms in the northeast corner of the park near the Drive, a nice-looking permanent Drinking Water Station, an outside stainless sink and water fountain where, year-round, people will be able to fill water bottles, get a drink, fill a dog bowl, and wash their hands and faces.
Cheers and thanks and please let us know that this is possible!
Penny Street


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