Thursday, July 08, 2010

Work parties -- July 9th AND July 11th

Hi fellow gardeners!

Tomorrow morning the Park Board is coming to the Napier Greenway to help us build a berm, to lay some pavers around the various sign posts, and to take out a few weed trees (elms) that are getting too large. We will meet the Park Board crew at the Greenway at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow!
If you can make it to help out, that would be fabulous. Janet and Pat and I will be there for sure, but we're all slightly feeble in one way or the other and we're really hoping that a few others will be able to make it...

It will be good to start working as early as 8:00, while it's still cool.

We have some splendid new plants -- about eight new large swordferns, an azalea, and some smaller plants that Erin Macdonald (the Green Streets Coordinator) has gotten for us, and we have some nice topsoil to mix with the City compost that was delivered to the Greenway on Tuesday.

Please do come if you can! No need to RSVP!


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