Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hi Britannia Neighbours,
This Sunday is the Folk Fest (and Pat's going) so we decided not to have a work party in the Greenway. If you have a chance, however, check out all the terrific plants we've installed in the Greenway.
Erin Macdonald has been a huge help! She arranged for the Park Board to send a load of City compost and a crew of two -- Kris and Martin -- who worked with us for two whole days, helping us install a new small berm on the north side, and putting in broken-sidewalk pavers around the four sign posts and to remove a few "weed" elms that were getting out of hand. Erin also arranged for us to get about 20 small plants (lovely -- mostly pale greens and purply colours that provide good colour contrast with the predominantly darker greens we already had). Kris dropped them off at my house and Pat, her cousin Trish, and I spontaneously put them in yesterday.
Katherine has been doing a splendid job of watering through this hot-and-dry stretch, and the whole space is looking pretty good!
I think our next work party will be on July 25th, Sunday, 3:00. But I'll confirm with Pat that that'll work for her.
We were thinking we would do work parties every weekend all summer. The Greenway really benefits from regular maintenance ... And, on weekends when "Artful Sundays" takes over the Greenway on Sundays (five Sundays from 12:00-5:00 pm, Aug 8-Sept 5), we'll do the work parties on Saturdays at 3:00 (rather than Sundays at 3:00).
I'll send another message next week confirming our next work party.

Here's our new mini-berm and an example of the new pavers around one of the four sign posts!


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