Saturday, June 12, 2010

We're having a Work Party on Sunday June 13th 3:00-4:30! Come if you can. No need to RSVP!
(No work on Sunday June 20th -- it's Car-Free Day and the East Van Garden Tour!)
Pat and Jane and I had a meeting in the Greenway with Erin MacDonald, the City's Green Streets Coordinator, on Friday and described to her our dreams for the Greenway, and she's going to help us get what we need to make the garden spectacular! (Note the wonderful jigsaw puzzle "art" on one of the trees in the Greenway!)
We'll get some topsoil to make a couple of berms (hopefully with a City work crew for a couple of hours to help move it!). We'll get 6-8 large rock/boulders.
She gave us a certificate for one of those City composters (and Pat is going to ask Gord to pick it up for us). She will look into getting us some chunks of broken sidewalk to use as paver around the four sign-posts. And she'll try to get us a few colourful plants (red/purple-leafed and/or bright yellow-green).
We will try to locate the yellow cedar bench that was once around the tree by Drive Organics and work toward getting it reinstalled.
Note the gorgeous little cluster of foxgloves by the bee condo and the two giant ferns under the chainlink fence beside Sweet Cherubim. We planted them all in the past week (salvaged from a site where the building is to be torn down!)
And don't forget that next Sunday (June 20th) is the East Van Garden Tour. Get tickets at Figaro's. The tour goes from 10-4 and this year's gardens are clustered around 6th and 7th between Victoria and Nanaimo.


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