Friday, November 06, 2009

Work Party, Sunday, 3:00!

Hello Britannia Neighbours,
We will have a work party this Sunday at 3:00!
You will all be delighted to know that Ann and I went to Rona and bought three more beautiful leaf rakes, a regular rake, a push broom, a shovel, three trowels, and a big tub to keep gardening gear in. We can store all these things at the Centre so they are easy to get to. We already have quite a few pairs of gardening gloves for those who don't bring their own (which we can keep in the new tub too) and lots of the brown paper garden-waste bags.
See you Sunday! And let's have a short meeting soon to plan a Britannia Neighbours Celebration of some sort, maybe at the Info Centre, and to make arrangements for a sandwich board we can stand up in the Greenway to advertise ourselves during work parties.
No need to RSVP about Sunday, just come if you can.


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