Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Compost! and Sunday Work Parties, 3:00-5:00, Oct 18th and Oct 25th

Hello Britannia Neighbours,

The City will be providing us with a small load of compost to spread in the Greenway beds. Thank you, Erin!
It should arrive sometime this Friday (Oct 9th). Wayne's son belongs to an Ultimate team and they have volunteered to come and spread the compost -- a big job, and we are most grateful! I think they'll be coming on Oct 17th or 18th. I'll talk to Wayne about the details.

In any event, we have lots of things to do in the Greenway. We need to plant the rhodo that Jane is donating. We also have slews of plants that Pat has been storing. She also has a couple of bags of narcissus bulbs that she got at the Green Streets Garden Party. Those will be lovely, come spring!
I have a couple of plants, too.
So ... Please write Sunday Work Parties, 3:00-5:00, Oct 18th and Oct 25th, into your calendar.
See you then. No need to RSVP! Just come if you can and bring your gardening tools.

I have asked Erin Macdonald  (Green Streets Coordinator) to retain the bench that was removed from the "living room" area in storage rather than reinstalling it. Losing that one bench seems to have changed the dynamics of the Greenway for the better. It's always good, however, to have a spare bench that matches the others in storage in case another one is vandalized. Hope you all agree.



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