Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hi Britannia Neighbours,

A couple of announcements:

Pat and Eva and I went to Jones Nurseries in Richmond yesterday and spent the $100 gift certificate we won as a doorprize at last fall's Greenways Garden Party at Van Dusen. We were going to get a small ginkgo tree but we didn't like the specimens available so we got a few very nice shrubs instead and came back to the greenway and planted them.

Saturday afternoon we are going to go to a Marine Drive nursery to buy a few flats of impatiens, and we'd like your help planting them, probably at about 3:15 on Saturday afternoon in the greenway.

Also, our next Britannia Neighbours meeting is next Tuesday (June 13th) at the Britannia Info Centre, 7:15.

We have singed contracts with Victoria Oginski (artist) and Rajinder Bagga (Sweet Cherubim) to have Victoria paint panels to adorn the Sweet Cherubim windows. They will hang safely inside Sweet Cherubim and face the greenway. Coming soon!

Also, we have running water *in the greenway now!



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