Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Work party today! Tuesday! 2:00!


Thunderstorms were forecast for yesterday afternoon. So we postponed the work party until today. Yesterday turned out to be a perfect day. But hey. Today will be good too, so join us if you can.
Napier Greenway. Join us if you can.

I submitted a proposal to Toby, the manager of Choices, and his boss Dawn for the renewal/repair of the mural with Victoria and Clae doing the work.
Choices will be discussing it tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
We need to protect the plants that grow along that wall (cover some, tie some back) as soon as the project is approved because Victoria and Clae are keen to get started ASAP.

Also, happy news: Clae has agreed to do the watering again this summer! 😁



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