Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Work party today, Wednesday, 3:00...

Howdy Britannia Neighbours,
It's unusual, but Monday was gloomy and rain was in the forecast. It didn't materialize, but we'd already decided not to have a work party Monday. Today looks pretty good. Let's meet — at two-metre-plus intervals — at 3:00 for an hour or so.
It looks like the Kettle's SEED program is suspended (for now? permanently?) so we need to take responsibility for litter pick up.
Also, we thought we had someone lined up for the watering, and that is now not happening as well, so we may need to do that as well over the summer.
Both are relatively safe, solitary tasks, so maybe it's not such bad news.
See you at three if you can make it. No need to RSVP.


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