Thursday, March 23, 2017

First Napier Greenway work party of the Spring!

Hello and Happy Spring, Brit Neighbours!
On Monday (March 27), 3:00, let's have a work party in the Greenway and see what we need to do for the Spring. 
We did receive some money in compensation for the damage done to the Greenway last Halloween, so we can purchase a few substantial shrubs. 
We also need to get some trees/shrubs for the planters in the courtyard.
We've asked Greenstreets to deliver a yard of compost — not sure when it will come...
And James at Choices may be able to reserve Choices' power washer and we can schedule a washing of the mosaics and the benches in the next few weeks.
Anyway, the first of many enjoyable and productive Mondays. An assessment work party.
Hope you can make it. Come if you can. Don't feel guilty if you can't!


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