Tuesday, January 10, 2017

City of Vancouver Snow Removal...

Hello Brit Neighbours,

Below is some background information on the City’s Snow Response that I was asked to send to our Brit Neighbours Group. I have phoned 3-1-1 and have gotten the Greenway added to the list of City-owned properties that require special  attention (since we are an emergency access route, and the entrance to an elementary school as well as a secondary school, a public library, a seniors centre, and a community centre).

We are encouraging community groups to get the message out to clear their sidewalks, help neighbours who are unable to clear their sidewalks and provide the messages below. The City’s snow clearing priorities include major roads, bus routes, bridges, emergency access routes, the 15 most used bike routes, and sidewalks around schools and hospitals. As mentioned, if additional help is needed for snow removal in the area normally maintained by Britannia Neighbours volunteers please contact 3-1-1 or report through the VanConnect App or on the City’s website. The area can be added to the list of City-owned properties that require additional attention for snow clearing and sand/salt application. Also, please let your group know about the Snow Angel program and how to request help or become a volunteer. More information on the Snow Response and Snow Angel program is available at: http://vancouver.ca/snow.

This email address (commmunitysnowremoval@vancouver.ca) has been set up for our team to connect with community group leaders and organizations to help provide information and answer specific questions. Phone calls can also be forwarded to the City’s 3-1-1 service centre.

Christine Edwards 604-871-6356

Transportation Planning Branch
City of Vancouver

City of Vancouver – Snow Response

It has been an unusually wintery winter, and we are expecting more snow in Vancouver and another couple of weeks of cold.

With the potential of more snow falling over the next couple of weeks, we wanted to ensure that everyone is safe and reaching out to help neighbours who may be in need. The City has contacted our community organization with the following information about snow clearing.  

Clearing sidewalks is the responsibility of residents and businesses outside of their properties, and with snow and ice covering most of the city, it will require all of our involvement to assist in its removal.

Tips for clearing your sidewalk:
1.       Shovel off any remaining ice or snow that is on the sidewalks or driveways in advance of the next snowfall.
2.       Lay salt down on sidewalks and driveways prior to the snowfall. This will help to melt the ice and make it easier to remove.
3.       While salt helps to break up ice and snow, it is not a replacement for snow removal. Shovel new snow as soon as it falls to prevent build up and melting into an ice crust. If you can, get out early in the morning before the morning commute will help ensure that snow isn’t packed down and will make it easier to remove.

The City’s snow and ice clearing priorities include major roads, bus routes, bridges, emergency access routes, and the 15 most used walkways and bike routes.  For more information see the attached link: http://vancouver.ca/snow.  

Please let me know about hazardous areas in our neighbourhood and I will forward these on to City staff in order of priority. If you would like to report an issue to the City directly, please call 3-1-1 or use the VanConnect app on your mobile device and through the City’s website. Together, we can ensure that all residents in our neighbourhood are able to travel safely during this cold and snowy winter.


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