Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hi all,

Christine and I went to GardenWorks this afternoon and selected some trees and plants to buy for the Greenway and the planters in the courtyard.
We think they will give us a 20% discount but we will have to pay for the delivery. Christine is writing the letter to the manager of GardenWorks to secure the discount.

* For the Al Stusiak planter, we got a Stewartia pseudo camellia.
* We thought we'd keep the styrax japonica (snowbell tree) that had been topped/broken because it looks so nice, now that it's leafed out and has flower buds all over it. So we got another one for the planter on the other side of the Al Stusiak tree.
* For the large planter at the west end, we got a ginko biloba.
* For one of the remaining planters, we got a very nice viburnum mariesii (summer snowflake, which is a UBC introduction).
* We also got a very nice looking red rhodo (not huge, but it'll grow!) for the centrepiece in the southeast Greenway berm.

Some of us will be going to the Greenway tomorrow morning to continue to work on the pile of soil and to get the planters ready for their new plants/trees!
Please join us if you can!

Penny (& Christine)


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