Monday, May 18, 2015

New plants in the Britannia courtyard...


Just wanted to let you know that Britannia Neighbours has assumed responsibility for the eleven cement planters in the Brit courtyard and, this morning, we put over $500 worth of plants into them. 
Please notice and enjoy them!

And please also let the kids around Brit know that they are super-special plants and that they should be kind to them. 

The two largest are trees. There's a new/replacement Al Stusiak Memorial Tree, which had died, a Stewartia pseudo camellia, and the one farthest west is a ginkgo biloba, one of the most ancient trees in the world, and we were wondering if it should be named the Doug Soo Memorial Tree. Perhaps the new Brit Board could decide that?
Doug was a lovely man and a terrific champion of Britannia (was Executive Director for a few years, starting in 1985) and he died suddenly at age 65 in January 2014.

Spread the word, everyone!
Thanks very much.

Penny on behalf of Brit Neighbours


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