Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Work Party next Monday... 2:00-4:00!

Hi, Britannia Neighbours.
We had a work party yesterday afternoon. Eva and Christine did a lot of raking and Janet and Sandy used solvent on the graffiti on the benches and really cleaned them up nicely. We're thinking of cleaning them up once again in the spring ... and then spray-painting them with a fresh coat of silver paint.
In the meantime, we have tons more oak leaves to contend with, so we will have a work party on Monday November 12th (even though it's a holiday Monday). And because it's getting dark so early nowadays, we thought it would be good to move our time-slot an hour earlier, to 2:00-4:00.
So, come if you can. No pressure. No need to RSVP. Bring a rake if you have one. I'll get more leaf bags.


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