Friday, January 27, 2012

Sketchy Minutes from our meeting — January 25, 2012

We did a quick review of our finances — income and expenditures over the past three years.

Garden Tour
We discussed this year’s Garden Tour (Father’s Day, June 17th, 2012) and agreed that it’s time to raise admission to $12 from $10 and to keep the capacity at about 200 attendees.
This year’s tour will in the Wall Street neighbourhood and around the hospice. Janet and Sandy have already identified about 13 gardens (with possible chickens and bees). We may want to collaborate with the hospice in some way (Donation of plants or money? Work party to beautify?) Ann will talk to the hospice people.
Perhaps we can borrow tents and chairs, etc., from Britannia for the event and set up a station in the hospice park (where there are bathrooms).
Penny to update Brit Neighbours flyer and Web sites to reflect the Garden Tour fee increase.
We agreed that we need clearer signage for the coffee and cookies at the Tour so that we take in at least enough money to pay for them! Perhaps we could get a Drive coffee shop to sponsor the coffee?
We will contact Figaro’s and find out how much Peter Worthington wants to be involved. We could have a mini-station at Fig’s as well as the main station at the hospice, enabling people to either start and get a map at Fig’s as usual or at the hospice.
Letters will go out to potential garden people in March.

Next Greenway Work Party
Paul suggested that we do some raking to get layers of leaves removed to make room for snowdrops and other spring bulbs. Pat and Paul will choose a date and let Penny know, and she will send out a Work Party Notice.

Penny to talk to Ian Cannon, principal at Brit Elementary, to see what is needed in the way of field trips and if they would welcome the funding of another field trip to Van Dusen (like we funded two years ago).
We also discussed a trip or event, perhaps with food and drink at a local community garden (Pandora Park or Strathcona … or the proposed Woodland Park) for people at the Kettle. Ann will follow up by contacting the Kettle and talking to an Activity Aide.

People who Provide Paid Services for BN in the Greenway
We will continue with both Matthew (Kettle) doing the litter pick-up two days a week, and with Katherine doing the watering, as needed, in the hot months.

Hillary told us about possible funding for groups that plant “edible” trees. She sent the info to Penny and Penny forwarded to Jordan Bober, who is trying to set up a community garden in the neighbourhood. Helen Spaxman was interested too, and mentioned it to the Elementary School PAC, in hopes that they could get funding to plant more trees in the playground area.

Who was at the meeting?
Hillary Wood, Janet Harper, Sandy Anthony, Maggie Holland, Pat Davitt, Paul Kjekstad, Donna Cairns, Ann Daskal, Ruth Fahlman, Penny Street


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