Friday, May 07, 2010

Hiya everyone

I went, even though it started to pour down rain, because I thought that others might be trudging over to the greenway and would find no one there with tools or good cheer. By the time I got there, the rain had mostly stopped; no one was there from the group, but I thought it would be a good time to do some "creative staring" (as Dagmar Hungerford used to say) to figure out some changes we could make to the greenway. Then I found the plants that Janet Harper had left for us the week before, cleverly hidden in the bushes where Takako and I had failed to find them. Oh good, thought I, I will have to plant them (in the drizzle) before I leave. Then I found Janet! Yay! She had come to garden and so we did garden a bit; we planted all the plants from the week before and then did some more creative staring and got at least a couple of good ideas about where some of the yards of dirt (for making berms) could go. More discussion needs to happen and will ensue, probably on Sunday, which is promising to be a finer day than last Sunday...seeya all there? Cheers, Pat


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