Thursday, August 28, 2008

Work Party, Saturday, August 30th (already!), Napier Square Greenway, 3-5
Hello friends,
Yes, it's true. We're having another work party in the Greenway on Saturday.
Pat and Katherine will get a few more bags of manure, which we will spread and dig in. We will also tidy up and weed, so that the garden looks its best for Artful Sundays on Sunday.
Please come if you can (even if just for a half-hour or if you just want to check in and say hello).
We regulars would love to have you.
Bring any or all of the following: secateurs, weeding knife or trowel, kneeling pad, gardening gloves, pan or bucket in which to collect your weeds, leaf rake, etc.
Rain or shine (unless it's a dreadful deluge, as it was this evening at about 6:30 ... we got soaked to the skin in goretex on our dog walk this evening).


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