Thursday, June 14, 2007

Britannia Neighbours encourages you to Take Back the Napier Square Greenway at Napier and Commercial. Over the past couple of years, folks selling drugs have set up shop in the greenway.

Well, we want it back!

We want the greenway to be a welcoming, safe place for kids and for old people, where neighbours can meet and people who work in the area can enjoy their coffee breaks, eat their lunches, and visit with friends.

We figure that the only way we can take it back is by using it.

So please … get yourself over to Napier Square with your book, your knitting, your baby, your lunch, your cup of coffee, your crossword puzzle, your mending, your laptop, your chess game! You’ll love the people you meet there!

Also, if you see what seems to you to be a drug transaction taking place, either in the greenway or elsewhere (but especially in the greenway), note a description of the seller (clothes, height, hair, age, etc.) and call the police non-emergency number 604-717-3321. They’ve told us that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We don’t want any more drug dealing in the greenway! It’s the entry to Britannia elementary and secondary schools, a branch of the library, and the community centre (daycares, programs, rink and pool)!

Take Back the Napier Square Greenway by enjoying it!

(photo by Jenn Walton)


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