Sunday, October 22, 2023

Work party tomorrow, Monday, 2:00


I think the weather's supposed to be okay tomorrow, and we need to scoop up more of those acorns before they get buried by the thousands of oak leaves that are still in the trees.

Eric can't make it tomorrow, but today he went down to the Greenway and raked up 2 bags of leaves and he took a wheelbarrow load of acorns HOME with him to put into his green bin! Wow, Eric. Thank you. It's definitely a banner year for acorns!

So tomorrow is more of the same, plus checking in on the few things that Janet planted on Thursday.

  • A free boxwood next to the one under the honeysuckle. 
  • A free male dwarf Skimmia on the Sweet Cherubim side where that hole keeps appearing.
  • A Mahonia x Media 'Winter Sun' which is about to flower, under the large Pine tree.
  • The Mahonia may be in the wrong place but can be moved later.
Thank you so much, Janet, and enjoy your holiday!



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